Purpose of our programs:  To make children smile and ease the financial pain for the family of sick children that are on an emotional roller coaster.  To do this we have to raise funds.  Our funds come from only one fund raiser and that is the Annual Golf Tournament.  This tournament allows us to provide the children and families with Love and Care Support Programs, which are:

  • Bag of Love - age appropriated bag of fun filled items for the child
  • Hand in Hand - designed to help outpatient families with financial problems associated with child's treatment
  -  over night lodging requirements for treatment purpose
  -  phone cards for family
  -  lunch/dinner certificates at participating restaurants
  -  assistance with grocery bill (not to exceed $150.00 per child, 
              per family)
  -  emergency financial needs (not to exceed $250.00, ex:  car 
              repair, tire replacement)
  • Wings of Gold - designed to give recognition to a Doctor, Nurse, Lab Technician, Volunteer, Social Worker, or Researcher who has shown dedication to the care of the children and their families

President - Angela Moon (angiemoon@alive.com)  
V-President - Michael Kessler
Secretary - Linda Smith  
Treasury - Patricia King
Golf Tournament Coordinators - Bill Browning - Phyllis Browning (phyllisb1947@att.net)
Board Member  -- Chris Moon   --  Neil Smith --  Jennifer Kohl --  Celesta Kessler
                              Junior Board Member -  Kesley Kohl and Taylor Daniels

Contact your Social Worker for Hand in Hand Program