My name is Rebecca Erryn Moon.  I am five years old.  In 1999 I was diagnosed with a form of Cancer named neuroblastoma.  For the past year I have fought this cancer with the help of my family and friends.  This note has reached you because I have lost the fight, the Cancer won.  I'm sending these notes because I would like people to know my story, and I want to try and help other kids with this Cancer.  I would like your help and the help of everyone you can reach.  Things need to be done to save kids just like me.

Rebecca Moon, Augusta, GA
My Story
I live in the State of:  Georgia   
  When I grow up,
  I want to be:  Doctor, or Country Singer 
     My family:  Mom and Dad
My favorite place:  Granny and PaPa's
My favorite thing:  Pink Elephant
My favorite movie:  Little Mermaid
   My favorite song:  Anything sang by
                                              the  Dixie  Chicks
Send all donations to: 
Rebecca Erryn Moon Foundation, Inc.
4132 Fair Oaks Rd
Martinez, GA  30907